A point of no return Faraway Dreams

Date : Sunday, February 7, 2010
Time : 8:48 PM
Title :

It's CNY next week!! Finally another week for holiday XD

Let's see...a few things happened..

Firstly,my choir group,alto...the head of alto will be leaving this school next week....so after CNY we won't be seeing her anymore..=[ Yeah, the head of alto is AMIRA!!! She'll be studying in Perak....sekolah berasrama penuh. It was a little emotional for all of us on last Friday. All of us were shocked to hear that she's leaving. While some shed tears and hugged goodbye =O. Hope you'll continue to excel in your studies over there Amira!! =DD

While in school....there's a new HOT issue going on now...=.= Last year it was Mr.Chew....with his "infamous" attitude towards the students. Now....what?


Stupid right?

I know some girls may have "show off" so much until everybody can see "it". Lol...as in colour and type. -.- But still....=.= It's sounds ridiculous.

Why not implement a new rule to check on panties as well? What size,what colour, what type. Cool eh? XD Seriously...so sick of these ridiculous rules. -.-""

Nevermind....this is my last year in THIS school..so yeah XD Just gotta bare with it.

Alright. Let's talk about today.

Went to Midvalley today with Mae,Jia wei,Evon,Ian,Sam and Kheng Siang ( sorry if I spelled it wrongly XD) It's an outing to celebrate Mae's birthday earlier. Should be on Wed...but it's best to celebrate on weekends though. Mid Valley was packed with people as usual. But....I can't imagine the AMOUNT OF PEOPLE ARE GOING THERE TOMORROW....coz Kris Allen is coming!!!Woahhhhh. =.=

Ian and Kheng Siang watched Universal Soldiers while the rest of us watched Legion. Legion is not bad actually..but was disappointed with the ending. One of the scenes in the movie was cut and it's not nicely done though...=.= it's SO OBVIOUS -____-
But there was a lot of "gay moments" though XD!!

Here comes the best part..............

We actually took the wrong train on our way back home....... we were supposed to take the train to Tasik Selatan but end up going to.....SEREMBAN. =O!! What a hectic day.....all of us cried like a bunch of lost kid T__T!






So you actually believed it huh? XD!!!

LOL. The truth was....we were heading towards the train station when the KTM NGAM NGAM arrived. So we were like running like mad people towards the train and jumped in without even checking whether it's the right train or not. Because...inside the train, it really looked different from the trains we normally ride.It looked much better and..basically the train inside is fully equiped with seats...you know like the bus? Yeah...exactly like that. It's like a long-distance train. SO.....we started to panic and we were like shouting...ARE WE GOING TO SEREMBAN??!! Everybody was quiet and they kinda stared at us...like... " This bunch of kids is getting to my nerves..." Because we were the LOUDEST in the train =.=. We were the only ones panicking there and shouting to each other. LOL. Not really shouting..but still....XD

Thank God, we actually took the right train =D So we're back safe and sound..........eventually. XD

Sigh....honestly, I really wished everyday is exam day for me. BECAUSE I REALLY HATED TO DO HOMEWORK. Damn you teachers!! Damn you school!! Damn you books!!! Damn...damn...damn....and the list goes on....until SPM starts...-.-

Date : Saturday, January 16, 2010
Time : 8:20 PM
Title : true colours...

Went to Kasturi today for Bio tuition....at Damai Perdana. After tuition, my friend and I headed to 7-Eleven to buy some drinks when this Nigerian fella came in..

He was dressed as a typical Nigerian....well, I mean, most of the Nigerians I met wore long-sleeve collar shirt and long pants. Lol. SO VERY SOPAN RIGHT? First impression? "WOW...what a decent looking person.."

Yeah, you know what? IT'S THE TOTAL OPPPOSITE.

My friend bought a drink and she went to the counter and paid. I stood behind her and that's when I felt somebody pushing me....roughly =.=. That idiot shoved me away and pushed away my friend even ROUGHER just to PUT HIS FKING BREAD ON THE COUNTER SHELF.

DENG. SO MANY SPACE, MUST YOU USE "VIOLENCE" just to put your BREAD on the shelf? LOL...that sounds ridiculous and FUNNY.

Don't know how to say "excuse me?" Oh right....maybe you don't know English.


We both glared at him but he just walked away with a zombie-face expression. He went behind to the ATM machine.....NO MONEY TO BUY BREAD AH?!! =.=!!

Ok....maybe not all Nigerians are like him....BUT.

Before this incident, my uncle and I encountered 2 Nigerians at a computer shop...
We brought the printer to the computer shop to be fixed. They were there, these two black guys. Same thing, first impression : decent-looking guys.

The boss was quite busy at the moment...so we just put our printer on the table, waiting. Out of a sudden, one of them came close to us and "MOLEST" the printer. They carried the printer, touched it, opened the cover and observed it.

OKAY.....we were not angry but....we kinda FREAKED OUT. Still, it's not proper and polite to do this sort of thing without our permission, right? =.=

In the end....when everything was settled, we headed for the door........when one of the Nigerians opened the door for us -___- LOL?

We quickly ran away ASAP....-.-

I believe a lot of Nigerians are "college students"....and they dressed really well too. Especially UCSI..lots of them. Yeah...that's where I'm gonna further my studies next year....=.=

I just hope.....not all Nigerians are like that......or....are they??!!

A piece of advice from my teacher : Stay away from them as far as possible.

Date :
Time : 8:20 PM
Title : true colours...

Date : Sunday, January 10, 2010
Time : 9:27 PM
Title :

yay!! went to education fair @ KLCC XD!!

haven't finish spm still can go mah rite? XD

Yesterday punya yesterday night...I dreamt a strange dream. I dreamt I KENA BUNUH THEN KENA DUMPED INTO THE FIRE. WAHHH.....who so kejam leh....then KENA DRAG THERE DRAG HERE~~

haiz~...apa ini macam =.=""

But...in the end I was still alive. LOL.

Date : Friday, January 8, 2010
Time : 8:21 PM
Title : What a week..

Yay. It's Friday. End of school week. XD

Let's see....many sad things happened...and embarassment LOL. ( Including I nearly caught seeing by other people when I was only wrapped with my towel after shower.)=.=

Man...how am I supposed to fulfill these tasks :

1) Finish all the homework ( tons of it)
2) Finish all tuition work ( lots of it)
3) Study for Intervensi ( which left only 1 more week to go)
4) Stayback for rumah sukan and permainan until 3....supposed to be 4 though XD But I
have Add Maths extra class at 4-5.30...and then violin class at 6.

Intervensi full SPM format somemore (some subs only I think).....sad betul.

Well, I shouldn't be complaining here....coz everyone else in form 5 is going through the same process XD But...I'm also *emotionally unstable* LOL.

GEEZ. this sucks.

p.s. I realized I've gotten much more quiet these a days...I wonder why.

Date : Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Time : 9:52 PM
Title : yay!

OK =.=

Lol, I didn't say I'm not joining mah XD I'm joining!!! becoz.....like Evelyn said :

-Kerry- says:
joining choir! XD
Evelyn says:
owh!! since u all so semangat i join lo ==
-Kerry- says:
haha XD
coz diong is joining ma...so must joinXD
Evelyn says:
diong is not singing only teaching
-Kerry- says:
at least she's teaching XD
Evelyn says:

since everybody is "so semangat" so...I must join!! XDD

haih~~ Diong~~ you are choir's hope~~


Date : Saturday, January 2, 2010
Time : 10:29 PM
Title : suggestions?

I've been thinking about this for quite some time..



about me?

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